Eco-Conscience Decisions Green Catering Services

Eco-Conscience Decisions
Bruce Brown Catering’s eco-conscience catering service parallels the movement toward a more eco-conscious society. We are dedicated to expanding our knowledge on the subject of “green practices” and incorporating these attitudes into the culture of the company and into the lives of our employees and clients. We feel that carrying this philosophy through our catering services results in not only a more ethical business practice, but food that is decidedly distinct, fresh, and flavorful.

As an environmentally responsible company we work hard to reduce the foot print we leave on our planet. We do so through our meticulous recycling program, composting system, utilization of sustainable foods and consistent efforts to keep waste low. All cans, glass, and cardboard items are sorted for recycling.  All compostable refuse is taken to a neighborhood salsa garden, where it returned to the earth in the form of rich, organic soil.  In addition, we limit the use of bottled waters at our events and encourage the use of more eco-friendly products and equipment. In our offices and kitchen we have retro fitted our lighting to save energy. Through our dedication we hope to keep our waste low and our impact to an absolute minimum.

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